Reproductive Genetic Testing & Counseling Services

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Our dedicated team of genetic counselors has over 35 years of combined experience in specialized fertility medicine.

Our team is supported by the outstanding reproductive medicine physicians at ORM Fertility. We pride ourselves on the compassionate care for which ORM Fertility is already known. We accept referrals from our community providers as well as patient self-referrals.

Our team of 3 reproductive genetic counselors now offer:

  • Services to non-ORM Fertility patients who need preconception genetic counseling and testing
  • Consultations via phone or video
  • Appointments from 7 AM – 3 PM PST
  • Reasonable self-pay pricing for consultations and options to bill insurance for genetic testing

Our Services:

  • Gamete donor family history consults (includes written risk assessment summary)
  • Genetic carrier screening for donors or intended parents
  • Preconception Genetic Counseling

We provide preconception genetic counseling for the following indications:

  • Prior pregnancy or child with a genetic or chromosomal disorder
  • Personal or family history of known or suspected genetic disease
  • Carrier/carrier couple of an autosomal recessive disorder
  • Female carrier of X-linked recessive disorder
  •  Know balanced chromosome rearrangement via karyotype
  • Genetic risk assessment of egg and/or sperm donor
  • Male with congenital absence of the vas deferens
  • Advanced maternal age (>35yo) or paternal age (>45 yo)